Social Media in Asia 101

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project in Asia and during my travels I’ve learned a few interesting things about the Social Media landscape in Asia.  For starters, the Social Media consumption in Asia is greater in some markets than it is in the US.  Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines widely use Facebook, and the mobile internet market share is also much larger in these countries than the global average.

Countries like China, Japan and Vietnam use different but similar platforms such as Weibo and Renren (in China), Mixi (in Japan) […]

Google Plus Launches For Teens

Google Plus is now welcoming an entirely new teen audience with its recent lowering of its age restriction from 18 to 13.  When it initially launched in June of 2010 it was an only 18 and over service during the initial beta stage until they were able to tailor a new teen-centric version of the defaults and content sharing functions.  It’s basically the same exact service that’s available for adults, with just a few minor changes to the default settings for sharing and privacy options.

The defaults for teens protect more of their privacy online and give them more options […]

Is Google’s New Privacy Policy Really Beneficial?


Several weeks ago, Google announced their new privacy policy, and on March 1st, they’ll begin to consolidate the policies of their separate entities, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Blogspot, etc…  What this means is that Google will now be able to use data it collects from users in one area across all of its platforms.

So why is this happening? Google is getting ready to amp up its data mining to compete with its main rival Facebook, which has become a massive marketing and sociological goldmine for companies interested in exactly how to sell or launch their new product. A […]

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My Interview on

I’m so excited to be featured in an interview for WeAreNYTech.  It’s a really informative and comprehensive website that showcases some of the best people working in the technology industry in New York City.  I was happy to talk about my background in digital marketing and the different projects I’m currently working on.  There’s a transcript from the interview and a link below.
You mention in your bio that at one point you just decided to make your childhood dream come true and start your own business.  How did you come to the decision that it was the right time?
I […]

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Pluggedin TV: The New Interactive Video Debate

I’m so happy to share with you my new project Pluggedin!  Pluggedin is a new web series where we invite our colleagues to debate digital platforms, relevant issues and new technologies affecting the New Media landscape.  The audience decides the winner, and the winner gets a 30 second video plugging anyone or anything they like courtesy of  Pluggedin is shot entirely on laptop cameras using Google + Hangouts.  It definitely looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

In this week’s pilot episode we’re debating WordPress vs. Tumblr and which is the better blogging platform.  Everyone has their own reasons […]

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