The Social Media K-Pop Fever

A new kind of Korean pop music has been taking over the American airwaves recently and it goes by the name of K-Pop.  While on my recent stay in Asia I experienced this  new wave of boy bands and pop music first hand. Not only are these groups huge in their own country, but they’re also turning their success into international fame.  In Korea the term is “hallyu” which translates simply into Korean wave, or an influx of Korean culture into different foreign markets.  It started in the 1990s with massively popular N*Sync and Spice Girls style boy bands […]

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Social Media in Asia 101

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a project in Asia and during my travels I’ve learned a few interesting things about the Social Media landscape in Asia.  For starters, the Social Media consumption in Asia is greater in some markets than it is in the US.  Countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines widely use Facebook, and the mobile internet market share is also much larger in these countries than the global average.

Countries like China, Japan and Vietnam use different but similar platforms such as Weibo and Renren (in China), Mixi (in Japan) […]