Why “build it and they will come” is just a line from a movie

Many businesses think that building a reliable product is enough to bring them customers they deserve. They want their brand to be organically discovered and grow their audience through word of mouth. Unfortunately, this misconception is what hurts most e-commerce businesses out there.

Digital advertising and marketing get a bad rep. However, they are necessary to grow your business.

So how can you get started?

Below are tactics I have used in the past that have proved effective. Now keep in mind, you will need to invest at least […]

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Why is The Hunger Games Not So Hot Abroad?

With the amount of publicity The Hunger Games has been getting in the US and its record breaking box office numbers, I was naturally curious to see if it was getting the same reaction across the world.  Even though I haven’t seen the movie, Rolling Stone and other respected publications have been giving it extremely good reviews. The Hunger Games also had a huge marketing push localizing its content across different regions including

1) Region specific Facebook pages and a Facebook game


2) Region specific Twitter accounts

3) Region specific Tumblr pages




On the other hand, the new blockbuster Wrath of the Titans doesn’t […]

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Facebook Stores: Your Very Own Social Media Pop-Up Shop

For a lot of small companies figuring out different ways to get their product out there can become a challenge.  I always recommend that start-up brands and even more established companies should have their own Facebook Store.

Why Facebook retail? Because the statistics are so strong in your favor.  Facebook users spend an average of a half hour DAILY on Facebook. That’s more than any other website, and even more then some other social media platforms combined.  It only makes sense to have your product accessible from where your potential customers spend most of their time.

You could even consider a […]